MIDIAmp is a free online MIDI player application from Ape Apps. On modern operating systems, it's getting harder just to play a simple MIDI file. With MIDIAmp, you can play one on any device, with a clean slick interface.

Launch MIDIAmp

MIDIAmp is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that can be installed to your device and launched just like a normal application. Inspired by the classic Winamp and also by Microsoft's PWAmp demo PWA, the goal of MIDIAmp is to become in all in one application for managing your .mid file collection. This is made for people who love MIDI files.

Currently, MIDIAmp allows you to add .mid files to your library one at a time (by browsing or drag/dropping). You can also select an entire folder on your device full of MIDI files and the app will play the right off of your device. In addition, you can specify the URL for a .mid file that you find online and play it directly off of the remote server. Your library data is saved between sessions, and if you sign in using an Ape Apps Account, your remote MIDI files will be synced between devices.

MIDIAmp also allows you to add meta data to your .mid library. Currently you can add song display name and author/composer information, but I plan to also let you add album, release year, genre, tags, etc. You will then be able to sort and filter your .mid file library.

If you install MIDIAmp to your device (it is a progressive web app), using a Chromium based browser, you will also get .mid file association, allowing you to double click on MIDI files on your device and immediately launch the player.

I plan to also support different protocol handling into the app. For example, a MIDI composer would be able to provide a link on his/her website that you can click on which will automatically launch MIDIAmp and add an entire .mid album to your library, complete with meta data, album artwork, etc. It will be really cool.

Anyway, MIDIAmp is still in early development, but if you love .mid files like I do, please try it out and send me feedback so I know what to add and how to improve the player. You can also find me (@bastecklein) on the Ape Apps Forums, where you can leave feedback/suggestions for MIDIAmp.

Thanks for giving MIDIAmp a try!

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